Bodily Pieces ESC Tribute

May 27, 2015

The Beatlife side project Bodily Pieces has released (May 13th) a much appreciated tribute to Swedish contribution and now also 2015 winner of Eurovision Song Contest, “Heroes”. The rendition is a complete a capella 88 […]

Another type of MF

March 14, 2010

2010-03-14 Release of Karaoke DVD Melodifestivalen 2010. Beatlife produces and records high quality full productions of all 32 entries for Karaoke Service Finland in less than a month! The whole production, including all vocals and […]

Can it be… …Melodifestivalen again?

February 28, 2005

2005-02-26 LaGaylia Frazier sings “Nothing at all” in Melodifestivalen. Beatlife’s seventh contribution to the largest annual TV event in Sweden was a truly a powerballad and required a vocalist with resources. LaGaylia really shows the […]

And more…

March 9, 2003

2003-03-08 Maarja Ilus performs the third Beatlife entry of 2003. Backstage she was quickly renamed to “Esten med rösten” (“The Estonian with The Voice”) to avoid confusion with the (oh so similar…) competing band “Östen […]

More Melodifestivalen

February 17, 2003

2003-02-15 Two songs in the same semi-final – Jönköping 2003.          

Three times a charm!

February 25, 2001

2001-02-23 Almost record young artist Rosanna performs Beatlife’s third entry in Melodifestivalen. The song is a mid tempo Britney-ish pop/dance track.  

Melodifestivalen again!

March 12, 2000

2000-03-10 Beatlife’s second Melodifestivalen entry, performed by Guide. Beatlife keeps on modernizing the competition in the festival which has stagnated musically over the past decade. Similar to the previous year, the song has its roots […]

Melodifestivalen History

February 28, 1999

1999-02-27 First ever rap performance in Melodifestivalen! In late February Crosstalk enters the stage at Victoria Hall in Älvsjömässan to perform “Det gäller dig och mig”, the first melodifestivalen entry incorporating rap. The group is […]