2015-04-28 “Lipstick Lover” with Jos & Gab wins award for best video at the IMC awards!

Congratulations to the girls and the crew, but first and foremost directors Mikael Frendel and Emelie Granqvist.

Mikael Frendel + Josandgab



2014-12-18 “Lipstick Lover” with Jos & Gab wins The Akademia Music

Award for best song,in the genre Pop/Dance, December 2014


JosGab Atom



2014-04-27 “Lipstick Lover” with Jos & Gab wins the Best Dance Act

Award at the IMC Awards in LA. The duo receives the prize at

the award ceremony in Hollywood. The group also is wins the

IMC:s Best Band of the Year.


JosGab IMC



2014-02-01 Super Draft – Devotion (Original Mix) featured as first

track on CD Pool UK’s global February edition.



2013-12-19 Release on Spotify and other platforms of “Devotion” by Super Draft.

Beatlife has written the original song from which the samples come from.

Super Draft – Devotion – Jamie de Von Remix



2013-11-29 Release of the album “Thrive” with Angelica Rylin

in Asia, USA and Europe. Beatlife has contributed with three songs.





2013-08-14 “Lipstick Lover” holds the no 1 spot the third week in a row

on Hollywood-based Radio Café’s top ten chart.


Jos & Gab



2013-07-20 Swedish singer Tove Jaarnek wins the Baltic Song

Contest with the song “I believe”, written and produced

by Beatlife. The song will be released later during 2013.





2013-05-30 Beatlife is writing and producing an album for

Swedish singer Tove Jaarnek who is returning to Sweden after

many years abroad. The first singel will be “I believe”, written

by Beatlife, with which she will also compete in The

Baltic Sea Festival.



2013-05-27 Sneak release of “Lipstick Lover” with Swedish

sisters Jos & Gab on Reverbnation. Video is being shot in

May/June. This summer hit will soon be available for purchase.

Beatlife has written and produced the song.


JosGab Lingerie



2013-02-26 New dance label Metron Music releases “Owner of

a broken heart” with Noida feat. Lawrence Short. Beatlife has

written the song and co-produced.

2012-09-30 During the month of October starts the recording of new

solo album with Angelica Rylin, singer in Swedish band “The Murder

of my Sweet”. Record label is Italian Frontiers and Beatlife has

written 3 of the songs.





2012-09-05 Official release of Producerstand, Beatlife’s studio

monitor stand, in Norway and Finland.



2011-12-07 Release of Producerstand A25-Pro. A new model

from our own line of professional table loudspeaker stands.

Simultaneously also our web shop at www.beatlifestudio.se

opens officially.


2011-11-10 The album “Italiano Classico” is completed with artist

Eddie Oliva. 12 tracks of Italic immortal songs from the 50:s and 60:s.


2011-04-08 Release of Producerstand M25. A professional table

monitor stand for loudspeakers designed by Beatlife. For studio




2010-09-25 Album release with artist Jan Johansen. Beatlife has

written the songs “Cyanide” and “For an angel”.

Jan Johansen – För en ängel



2010-09-04 Release of single “Cyanide” with artist Jan Johansen.

Jan Johansen – Cyanid



2010-03-14 Release of Karaoke DVD Melodifestivalen 2010.

Beatlife produces and records high quality full productions of

all 32 entries for Karaoke Service Finland in less than a month!

The DVD is released the day before the final TV-show!



1999-02-27 First ever rap performance in Melodifestivalen! 😀 Clocks in at about 11:45 into the show!

Melodifestivalen 1999 on SVT Play