Magnifucent Camp 2016

March 5, 2016

This week Beatlife attended the Magnifucent Camp 2016 co-hosted with Soundgraphics to write som epic stuff for the Asian market. Made some new nice friends 😀 Thanks for a great time, Magnus x 2, Hiroko […]

Beatlife Music Publishing

December 2, 2015

Just what it sounds like 😀 We have opened up the publishing branch of Beatlife to further position ourselves as well as to give us more control over the copyrights of the music we’re involved in. Exciting […]

Big in… …South Korea!

July 31, 2003

2003-07-31 South Korean singer/artist/actress Jeon Hye Bin, known as BIN during her musical career records an adaptation of “Love somebody”, originally included on the Crosstalk debut album and released as the second single. The song […]