Courtesy of Beatlife Dada Dada DJ releases “Det gäller dej och mej 2019”, an anniversary version, completely updated and rebooted, of the classic entry in 1999 to the Swedish pre-selection for Eurovision. The first ever to incorporate rap in a time when pop music was rare in the for Swedes so paramount competition.

Crosstalk consisted of Jessica Tito Martins (lead vocals), Daniel Zangger Borch (lead vocals), Mattias Reimer (keys) and Lars Edvall (rap/vocals). All now successful in their fields – Jessica as a fitness expert, Daniel as a vocal coach and Reimer/Edvall as songwriters and producers. Both lead vocalists participated one more time each in Melodifestivalen with songs by Reimer/Edvall but the band eventually dissolved as the individuals pursued their different goals. Max Prime of Dada Dada DJ has with absolutely no amount of nostalgia taken on the total make over of the song, now based on the radio edit that had another vocal section instead of the rap part. An excellent contemporary production with new mix, new production, new melodies, new all!